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We Are Your Professional Rug Cleaning Experts in Austin

Professional Rug Cleaning AustinWhen it comes to cleaning your area rugs or wall-to-wall carpet, only use the professionals at Carpet Cleaners Austin. We are experts in rug cleaning for both residential and commercial customers. Removing stains, performing deep cleaning, and bringing your carpet back to perfect condition is what we do best. Our Austin services also include cleaning flood damaged carpets and upholstery.

Our professional team of rug cleaning experts is available throughout the Austin area and has met the demands and needs of our customers for many years. Our technicians will come to your home or place of business, assess the situation, and start the cleaning process right way. We strive for your total satisfaction and will not leave until your carpets look like new!

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Why You Should Rely On Professional Carpet Cleaners

Best Carpet Cleaning Services AustinAll carpets are not the same, from the fibers to the dyes. Rugs and carpets must be cleaned to meet their individual makeup to prevent damage. Our team of rug and carpet cleaning experts is fully trained in carpet and rug cleaning and knows how to care for expensive Persian area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, and wool blends.

Cleaning your rugs and carpets yourself or using cleaning services that are not knowledgeable can lead to unnecessary damage. Scrubbing carpets too hard or using the wrong cleaning formula will end in disaster. Rely on the professionals at Carpet Cleaners Austin for the very best cleaning solution throughout the area. You don’t have to do anything but carry on with your busy life, sit back and relax or go shopping! Your carpets and area rugs are in good hands. You will come home to no stains, no ground in dirt, and no accidental spills! Your rugs and carpets will smell fresh and clean and look like new!

We have been servicing residents throughout Austin for a long time and our reputation rests on providing the very best, most professional rug cleaning service in the industry.

Give Us A Call, Set Up An Appointment, and Let Us Handle Your Most Difficult Rug Cleaning Project.

Booking Hotline: (737) 777 8700

Our Cleaning Procedure

Expert Rug Cleaning ProcedureAt Carpet Cleaners Austin, we know every rug cleaning project is unique. Carpets and rugs come in a large range of fibers, dyes, and qualities. One size does not fit all! In other words, not all carpets or rugs should be cleaned or maintained the same way. Before ever starting to clean your carpet or rug, our trained technicians will perform a walk-through inspection to assess the overall condition of your carpet and make note of heavily soiled and high-traffic areas that will need special attention. They will use a very powerful commercial vacuum to pick up hair, dander, lint, and other surface materials.

We are very knowledgeable in woven rugs such as knotted wool pile which easily hide more soil than most carpets. Studies have shown that an average area rug can hold as much as 87 pounds of dirt and soil particles. After vacuuming, we use a special machine that gently moves the missed soil up to the surface. Our technicians will vacuum again to pick up these fine particles.

Once the vacuuming process is completed, our trained technicians will test for color safety, pre-treat difficult areas, and precondition any natural fiber rug. Preconditioning will dissolve soil before deep cleaning begins.

Our team will choose the very best cleaning method for your carpet based on colorfastness, delicacy, and fiber content. Drying time will depend on the carpet or rug material and whether it will be laid flat or hung to dry. There will be a final vacuuming before applying a fabric protectant to resist future soiling, water or oil stains. Your carpet or rug will remain clean for a much longer period of time.

Booking Hotline: (737) 777 8700

Carpet Cleaners Austin Is The Carpet Cleaning Expert You Can Trust

Our customers are extremely important to us so we only provide the most skilled, highly trained professionals in the business. Not only will you receive a service that is unmatched, you will also get a quote that fits any budget. So for all your cleaning needs such as carpet and rug cleaning, stain removal and a lot more, give Carpet Cleaning Austin a call!

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